Deal Of The Week: Salalah

12 April 2016

Flight Centre's marketing manager, Michelle Smith, sat down with Dubai Eye's The Ticket to talk about her favourite African destination and reveal this weeks Deal of the Week


Salalah, The Shining One in local Jebali language, is a hidden oasis of striking natural contrasts of clear turquiose waters and white sand beaches set at the base of the dramatic dhofar mountain range. Only a two-hour direct flight from Dubai, Salalah is the perfect long weekend getaway for anyone looking to escape the city!


The second largest city in Oman after Muscat, Salalah still holds much of its old-world charm and despite the influx of five-star hotels that have been developed in recent years, the city remains relatively undeveloped. Salalah boasts year round stunning weather, and during Khareef season which is mid-June to Mid-September, temperatures average 22 degrees celsius, a welcome reprieve from the scorching temperatures across the rest of the Gulf.


Nestled between the stunning waters of the Arabian Gulf and the Dhofar mountain range, Salalah boasts vibes reminiscent of Zanzibar, with coconut palms lining the streets and nearby banana plantations providing fresh produce.




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When to go 

Salalah is the perfect long weekend destination from the UAE as it is less than 2 hour flight! As we are coming up to a long weekend on the 5th of May it is the perfect destination to escape the UAE and unwind for two nights! Khareef season is also a really good time to go as the stunning greenery and full wadi’s are an amazing reprieve from the hot temperatures we have in Dubai during mid-June to mid-August.


Where to stay?

Salalah has had a drive in development in recent years with new properties entering the market and raising the bar in the service and hospitality industry. The Salalah Rotana Resort is a stunning 5-star property, great for families but also couples alike, for those looking for a beautiful beach front property and located 20km from the airport.


Getting Around

Salalah is very much a small town, however, most landmarks are spread widely throughout the region and with the average taxi costing approximately AED150, we recommend hiring an SUV for almost the same price daily. With an SUV you can control your holiday and visit off the beaten track sites without being tied to a tour group or driver all day.

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From mid-June to mid-August, monsoon from India bring a constant drizzle to the area, and as a result, Salalah’s mountain ranges are transformed into an oasis of lush greenery.An ethereal feeling overcomes Salalah during this season, as eery mists clothe the lush foliage, and the wadis flow.


Salalah is the home of Frankincense, the resinous sap deriven from the Boswelia tree which is native to the Dhofar region. Historically, Frankincense has been used for a myriad of mecininal purposes including hypertension, nausea, indigestion and even driving away mosquitoes and reducing incidences of malaria.

Wadi Darbat

A particularly stunning wadi, especially during Khareef season as the rains will bring out the lush greenery, it is also lovely to visit during dryer months. Expect to see pools and camels swimming in them. During rainy season there are waterfalls, lakes, and the valley becomes a forest.

Al Husn Souk

A centuries old souk, head to Al Husn if you want to interact with the local Dhofari people. It’s next to the Sultan’s Palace, and filled with traditional Omani dresses & hats as well as jewellery. The scent of frankinsence will follow you as you wander through the many alleyways.



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